The new S1000RR are so powerful that in order to homologate them BMW had to restrict them at the factory. The Stage 1 was developed to remove these restrictions, unlock the full potential and repair some factory defects. ****THIS MAP IS THE MOST USED CURRENTLY BY USERS WHO WANT TO REACH RHE FINISH LINE FIRST.**** Street users, track racers, drag racing or roll racing drivers will want to have this flash! ~ Cold Start Fixed ~ De-restricted Throttle ~ 60hp gains in the midrange ~ +14whp over the curve ~ De-restricted Exhaust Valve and intake flappers, open to 100% or Option to remove it ~ Throttle response 1-1 ~ FTCL (full time closed loop) For perfect fuel adjustment every time ~ Autotune on Pump gas Or Mr12 ~ Speed Limiter Off ~ Faster Quickshifter ~ Higher RPM limit without throttle cut ~ Dash unlocked for bikes with proper sw versions ~ Adjustments to knock control ~ Pops and bangs available upon user request All of our tuning files are custom made and thoroughly tested on one of our state-of-the-art dynamometers. The development of each tuning file is the result of the perfection and dedication of our programmers. The organization only uses the latest technologies and has many years of experience in ECU software. All our tuning files offer the best possible performance and results within safety margins. ****THIS MAP IS THE MOST USED CURRENTLY BY USERS WHO WANT TO REACH RHE FINISH LINE FIRST.**** Even after using maps from other tuners, simply installing our stage 2 (without other modifications on the bike) they managed to win competitions that they had not previously won.

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